Time to get started

It’s that magical time of year when optimism and commitment are high.
The gyms are full of people fully committed to “getting in shape” after the holidays.
Diets are in order. People are focused on doing the right things right.

Companies launch new ideas and new initiatives.
They hold “New Year’s kickoff” conventions, full of excitement and optimism.

This is going to be the year!

Then, April rolls around.

On the health front

The gyms are not nearly as full as they were just a couple of months ago.
The diets have been altered a bit.
The commitment doesn’t feel the same.

On the business side

The much hoped for “spike” in revenue isn’t happening as quickly as expected.
The big initiatives have started to be tweaked.
The commitment to “the big launch” at the first of the year seems to have waned a bit.

Fast forward to December 2018

If you had stuck with the exercise program and eaten better for the entire 12 months, how would you feel and how would you look?
If you had stuck with the initiatives you launched for your business and followed your own plan, how would your revenues and profits look?

Best laid plans

Just like having a good plan in place for your personal health, you must have a good plan in place for your business health.
Do you have a clear and focused strategy ready to implement?
What does your marketing and communication plan look like?
Is your team on board and ready to help you execute?
Are you REALLY willing to commit to your plan and see it through?

It’s your choice.

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