Exclusive Game-Changing New Features and Advanced E-Commerce Tech Announced

SUCCESS Partners recently announced an exclusive strategic partnership and expansion of the mobile NOW app into a fully-integrated e-commerce solution adding instant purchasing, live shoppable video functions, and more to its already robust CRM, sharing and sampling platform.

The enhanced NOW App is an all-in-one solution for companies, distributors, and now the millions of customers they serve with proven results more than any other app in the marketplace!

Proven Direct-to-Consumer Tech and Strategies That Can Transform Your Business

In this 20-minute webinar, Noah Westerlund, SVP of Business Development, SUCCESS Partners, unveiled the new direct-to-consumer level features and tech along with a demo provided by Vendoti, VP Sales, Colin Christensen.

The demo included instant purchasing and shoppable video where the e-commerce platform is embedded in the video, not a link. Customers can add to cart, check out, explore, learn more about products without ever leaving the video experience—proven to boost sales and customer acquisition.


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