Reasons for Optimism, Signs of Opportunity
As our country takes its first tentative steps toward re-opening, consumers and businesses alike are looking for ways to navigate the new normal—it’s a confusing time for everyone!

Who could have envisioned the global challenges each of us have faced in the first few months of 2020? But even as the scope of the pandemic and subsequent economic downturn have taken center stage in our lives, SUCCESS Partners has been able to identify promising opportunities for growth and reasons for optimism in spite of the confusion and change.

We’ve been able to identify these bright spots because we strive to keep a constant, comprehensive view of our channel. One of the primary ways to accomplish this has been a monthly survey* with 60 leading direct selling companies.

We’ve checked in once a month for 3 months, and we are excited to share the month-over-month results for May 2020 compared to April 2020 with you now—we think you will find them encouraging!

May At a Glance 

  • At least 10 companies achieved all-time record monthly revenue in May  
  • 28% remained flat or declined
  • 12% showed single-digit growth
  • 60% grew by double-digits or more

May 2020 Results

April 2020 Results 

What We’ve Learned
At first glance, the results from May appear mixed—some companies have slowed while others have accelerated. What is clear is that most of these companies that have been growing the past few months still are. Conversely, companies that have been flat or experiencing moderate growth have maintained that pace.

All of the companies experiencing growth in the last 90 days have maintained or implemented strong selling systems. What makes a selling system successful in this climate? Watch Episode 1, of our new webinar series, Executive Insights, featuring industry expert, Brett Blake and John Licari, COO of Total Life Changes, which has experienced 5 consecutive record revenue months.

Virtual Events
This trend—born out of necessity—continues to revitalize engagement and interest. Small- and large-scale virtual events are shattering attendance numbers and re-energizing distributors. We are convinced that this will completely reshape how our industry approaches events in our future. In fact, episode two of Executive Insights, happening Thursday, June 11, featuring Garrett McGrath, President of ANMP and Chief Impact Officer of Eleprenuers, who will discuss how to execute a successful virtual event. Register here.

Our Commitment to You
We’re incredibly grateful to serve such an amazing community. We will continue to update you on the trends, strategies and approaches that are producing results in the direct selling channel as we: 

  • Keep a pulse on what’s working right now
  • Share information and insights
  • Provide tools and strategies to simplify and scale your business
  • Help you maximize customer and distributor engagement

We are here to serve this industry.

For next month, we’re working towards developing a more comprehensive set of data for the first half of 2020.


Stuart Johnson 
CEO and Founder, SUCCESS Partners

*The total data set consists of more than 60 companies, with criteria including headquarters based in the U.S., a minimum of $5 million per month in revenue, and a substantial percentage of revenue from U.S. business. Traditional Party Plan companies were not included. Public companies did not participate. Half of the companies are not members of the Direct Selling Association.


About Stuart Johnson

For over 30 years, Stuart has served at the helm of SUCCESS Partners as Founder and CEO, empowering companies to achieve growth by engaging customers and distributors to improve the bottom line. A steadfast advocate of direct selling his reach is varied, covering ownership of SUCCESS Partners, Direct Selling News and SUCCESS magazine.

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