09 Mar 2011

Direct Selling Secrets

by Paul Adams

As crazy as it sounds, some people really believe there are secrets to success in direct selling.

The truth is, this industry is the most open, caring and willing-to-share group of people that I’ve ever been associated with. Generally, the seasoned executives are more than willing to share everything they know about succeeding in direct selling…even with their competition.

Ok, they may not share upcoming promotions, product launches, etc. but, the basics of how to succeed in direct selling are shared freely – even with “newbies” to the industry.

Think about it, what other industry REALLY wants to share “how to” information with people that are considered competitors?

Why are so many “competitors” willing to talk about their hard-earned successes?

My theory — I think the most experienced and successful executives in the industry are as adamant about helping THE INDUSTRY succeed as they are about making their own company successful.
There are simply too many threats and too much misguided information about direct selling. The smart people in the industry know we have to fight to keep our community and companies from being categorized as “schemes”… or worse.

By educating each other, we elevate the status of the industry.

As the saying goes, “A rising tide raises all boats” is the prevalent attitude in direct selling.

Over the past few weeks, we hosted 3 events for executives in direct selling and I saw firsthand (again) how willing direct sellers are to talk with direct competitors.

I know the upcoming VideoPlus University and SUCCESS University will be the same — but “on steroids.”

It’s amazing to watch people at the top of their game talk so openly about what went right and wrong in their journey toward success.
Mistakes made… ideas executed flawlessly. It’s all fair game.

If you are an executive in the industry – that is, someone working on the corporate team of an active direct selling company — VideoPlus University is for you.

We don’t allow distributors and other suppliers for a reason – we want our guests to feel super comfortable sharing their information with their peers. It is not personal. Heck, their our friends. Rather, it’s an obligation we have to the executives that are taking the time to share their knowledge with their peers.

When we first hosted these events, I don’t think we really expected to attract cover 300 executives for 2 days.
In fact, the first education event we ever hosted attracted about 30 people and we were THRILLED!
The combination of education and networking in a safe environment has created something special that people come back to year after year.

Check out the link above to get a small taste of what VideoPlus University is all about. Then, register online and see for yourself what makes this industry so special.