08 May 2017

Better, Faster, Cheaper—it’s not always best.

by Paul Adams

Company executives are always looking for better, faster and cheaper ways of doing things. For good reason. Their businesses depend on it.

However, I often see these execs overlooking things that work while trying to reinvent themselves with unproven strategies and technologies. Mostly, these strategies fall into a category that I will call “digital.” Those could take a lot of different forms: social media, apps, back-office tools, etc.

At our recent SUCCESS Partners University, it was refreshing to hear from executives that they are focusing on the fundamentals—the tried and proven ideas that help independent business owners grow. Interestingly, the fundamentals include both digital and physical solutions, because some forms of communications are better suited to one or the other.

For example, starter kits play a vital role in the onboarding process for most organizations. And a physical version is far more impactful than digital. More costly? Yes, but definitely more effective. The ROI is still worth it.

For prospecting and recruiting, magazines tell a company story in a way that no digital tool can. And the engagement of a magazine is far higher than digital. Granted, you can send out hundreds or thousands of digital messages with a click of a button, but nothing gets opened like a magazine does. My recommendation? Do both.

On the other hand, when it comes to training, digital is hard to beat. Immediate, measurable, trackable, and easy to update. It sure beats the days of sending out tons of CDs and workbooks. Combine the digital solution with events, webinars, conference calls, etc., and you can cover all the bases.

We could go through every type of communication that direct sellers deal with and identify a “best” solution. But we would be hard pressed to identify the “ONLY” solution.

The bottom line? There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

I’m definitely not burying my head in the sand and pretending that digital solutions are not getting better and better. They are!

I just strongly suggest that we should use the tools that are best suited to the task at hand, and don’t overlook the fact that your distributors are not all like you. They have preferences. They learn, absorb and digest information differently.

All I’m suggesting is to look at your options and don’t get locked into a single solution. The cost of providing multiple solutions is minimal and the ROI could be tremendous.

  • Greg Neethling

    Agree with this very much so. We have been guided into “A” system that yes may have worked over the past few decades but with the ever changing social networking and web based presence, horizons have to be expanded to accommodate the changing world. Ever since I started to expand beyond the norm I have been receiving better and better responses. Not saying the old system should be eliminated as there is “no one size fits all” Thanks for the article